"The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others."
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  Free advice on career perspective for IT specialists
If you have background in IT, not necessary proven experience {we all have started from zero once}, you might be:

thinking to change your job
wondering what is your market value
thinking to leave the country for a brighter future
willing to co-operate with our Company as a Consultant (full time or part time)
tired of being misevaluated and misinterpreted by regular "all-in-one" recruitment consultants who are not able to evaluate you properly from an IT perspective. Have you ever thought how many opportunities to obtain a better job you have missed because of this “communication and evaluation issue” ?

then contact us for an informal meeting.

We will do our best to:

offer you advice on: recruitment, career perspective, evaluation etc.
represent your interests during recruitment processes (remember: we know your value better than others because we know the market and we understand you due to similar background)
find a suitable job for you as per your current profile, aspirations and skills
find a role within our consultants network to work with us on very exciting projects

Our principle when working with Individual IT experts:
Always allow to be evaluated by similar people only, when dealing with recruitment IT projects.

This principle is based on our personal experience obtained after many interviews for various IT positions recruited by all-in-one Recruitment Agencies. Maybe you have also experienced this...

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