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Project Management, Different IT Consulting
Areas of applicability
A company that starts a new project and does not have available an internal professional project manager
A solutions provider company, for which project management does not represent its core business
Why external Project Manager ?
Only large organizations require to have dedicated professional Project Managers so, by appointing temporary other resource from the internal organization, you loose one resource
An external Project Manager brings proven best Project Management practices and methodologies
A trained person comes who is able to fill the gap immediately, without delay caused by training
He is not associated with other interests, therefore fights for the interests of his client. He does not have a motivation to hide problems because he does not build a career within client's organization.
A Project Manager must take many difficult decisions and this can be a though emotional task to do if he is an internal resource who should go back into his normal organization at the end of the project
An external Project Manager can generally achieve objectives more quickly and will often reduce stress and de-motivation internally
Most projects are multi-disciplinary and cross-functional. We have experience in various technologies, competency in intercultural issues and are able to communicate well
An external Project Manager can also successfully work in a co-management role with an internal Project Manager, letting the internal Project Manager focus on internal tasks and avoiding putting him on the spotlight of critical decisions.
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