“We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.”
Stevie Wonder
  Looking for the right IT candidates ? Having troubles with IT candidates evaluation ?
Different IT Consulting encourages IT talents to submit their CVs in order to become part of our Candidates Database
Our database is designed to store each candidate’s profile after a careful GAP-FIT analysis against the modern IT industry fields and standards.
In this way, we are able to extrapolate the information from each CV by using dynamic connections between IT skills and knowledge.
Our approach is based on the following principle:

Skills + Knowledge = Competence

We normally consider that a skill is the ability to carry out a particular activity, and knowledge is information that you need to perform that particular activity. By using a dynamic connectivity between IT skills and knowledge, we are able to identify different areas of competency for each candidate.
This will help you to work on the right career path by using the right trainings for each person recruited with us.
The research time for the right candidate is minimized because we know WHERE to look for and WHAT to look for. All these because we are coming from the IT industry, we can easily understand your needs and we use the right tools.

IT personnel evaluation (for recruitment agencies)
IT Recruitment is a different process for a recruitment agency. You have to interview several candidates for an IT position. On paper they all look the same. How do you choose between them? What questions should you ask? It’s crucial that you get it right, but you are just not sure how because you are not an IT expert and you don’t understand the nature of the IT industry.

If this situation sounds familiar, what do you do about it?

You bring in Different IT Consulting that will evaluate the candidates who have passed your initial internal recruitment tests (psychometric testing etc).
By using our partners / consultants network, we will bring the right evaluator who is expert in the area indicated by the position for which you are recruiting.
After this careful examination we will advise you on the compatibility between their technical profile and the job profile.

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