A company founded by Razvan Balaban
Razvan holds a degree in IT from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics
He has gained local and international experience working across Romania, UK, South Africa, Tenerife, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Hungary
He has an extensive IT experience over various business sectors (Retail & Distribution, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Market Research, Advertising)
  Different IT Consulting provides consultancy for organizations and individual IT specialists.
For organizations
Project Management
If you are in front of an IT & Business project (eg ERP, CRM, SFA implementation) don’t forget the Project Management aspect which is critical for a successful implementation. Sometimes you don’t have internal competence or resources for this role. We do.

Technology & Partner Selection
Whether you are setting up new business operations, expanding your existing operations or deciding to improve your current IT environment, be sure you chose the right technology according to your business needs and the right partner to implement it. Work with us for a proper technology & partner selection.

Change Management
It is critical to prepare the organization for the change which is coming together with a new system or a similar project. Sometimes this change is much easier with external assistance. We usually combine Change Management with Project Management.

Disaster Recovery Planning
Your business is doing fine. The last thing you expect is a disaster that makes the continuation of normal functions impossible. Are you prepared for this event ?

IT Recruitment
If you, as a Recruitment Agency or regular Company (customer), are recruiting for an IT position and you are not having proper IT expertise, contact us and we will provide the right consultant who will perform the evaluation for the selected candidates.

Project Management
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
SFA (Sales Force Automation)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
DMS (Document Management System)
Partner Selection
Technology Selection
Disaster recovery planning
Recruitment & personnel evaluation
Our network of consultants is constantly expanding and contains top qualified experts from countries including Romania, UK, Germany.

to work with you, for you, on behalf of you on any IT matter
to act as an extension of your organization, representing your business vision
For individual IT specialists
IT Career Advice
In case you are :
thinking to change your job
wondering what is your market value
thinking to leave the country for a brighter future
willing to co-operate with our Company as a Consultant (full time or part time)
tired of being misevaluated and misinterpreted by regular recruitment consultants who are not able to evaluate you properly from an IT perspective.
Have you ever thought how many opportunities to obtain a better job you have missed because of this “communication and evaluation issue” ?
Then contact us for an informal meeting.

Join us!
Join our network of consultants and you will be considered for:
permanent employment as we are constantly monitoring the market for new opportunities which are matching your profile and aspirations.
contract work with us (full time or part time) as a consultant on our many exciting projects

by understanding you, the market and knowing what opportunities are available, we can help you to maximize the chances of getting the right job.

to offer advice and alternatives that helps people with the quality of their careers
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