“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”
Tom Landry
  Business processes analysis. Technology recommendation. Partner selection exercise.
General Information
Whether you are setting up new business operations, expanding your existing operations or deciding to improve your current IT systems according to your business needs, be sure to consult a team of technology experts to help you :
identifying the right solution/IT system
selecting a Partner to take responsibility for the implementation of the new IT system
After a careful analysis of your business processes, Different IT Consulting can help you determine the best technology for your special needs, recommend suitable products and guide you through the selection process of your solution and implementation Partner.

Selection process
Our Request For Information (RFI) process seeks to assist your Company to determine the capabilities, integrity and cost-effectiveness of potential Supplier/Partner.
The most important section of the RFI is SOR (Specification of Requirements). The main purpose of SOR is provide requirements to potential Partners and to obtain the right information from them based on which the right one will be selected.
After a careful analysis of your business processes from an IT perspective, Different IT Consulting will define and capture these critical questions which will form the SOR.
The SOR will be sent to all potential Partners.
The short-listed candidates will be asked to deliver a presentation of their response to a selected audience of your Company personnel assisted by our representants.
The presentation is likely to consist of:
An overview of the proposal for the services as defined in the SOR – (Specification of Requirements)
At least one Case Study
An outline of planned future developments
An outline project plan detailing the implementation of the required application areas

Assessment & Evaluation Criteria
Suppliers’ responses will need to demonstrate clearly the unique value of their organization aligning themselves to your Company’s needs in the IT environment. Suppliers’ responses (as per SOR) will be measured on:
How essential the question is relating to your Company’s needs
How well the Partner responded to the question being asked
How confident the Company is about the Partner’s ability to achieve the response provided
Different IT Consulting will manage the entire process presented above in order to guarantee the best decision at the end of the Technology & Partner selection processes.

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Let’s assume your Company decides to implement a system to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments' particular needs.
An ERP solution combines all departments within an organization (HR, Manufacturing, Finance etc) together into a single, integrated software program that runs on a single database.
In turn, the various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other.
When one department finishes with an order, it is automatically routed via the ERP system to the next department.
To find out where the order is at any point, you only need to log in to the ERP system and track it down.
Segments within the ERP software market:
The ERP applications market falls into three primary segments by customer size: Enterprises, Mid-Market and Small Companies. The major ERP application vendors to each segment group are illustrated below:
Enterprise: SAP, Oracle
Upper Mid-Market: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle
Lower Mid-Market: Microsoft (Navision), Epicor, Exacta, Sage, SAP (BusinessOne)
Small Companies: Sage, Intuit, ACCPAC, NetSuite and many other local packages.
How to decide for the right Vendor, Solution and Implementation Partner ?
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